Lithic Films is a filmmaking production company in Fruita, Colorado.

Who are we?

Danny Rosen, Producer — Danny Rosen founded Lithic Films, as well as Lithic Press and Lithic Bookstore, in Fruita, Colorado. He has worked as a geologist, astronomer and teacher. His first collection, Primate Poems, was published in 2017.

Cullen Purser, Filmmaker — Cullen Purser directed the full-length documentary, The Raven & The Dove, as well as many short films including The Next Step and If It Floats. He lives in Fruita, Colorado and is working on a feature film called, Волк ето я .

Kyle Harvey, Filmmaker — Kyle Harvey is a filmmaker, poet, photographer and graphic designer. He recently premiered his first film, Portolano: A Film About Jack Mueller and is working on his second film, It’s Nice To Be With You Always.